We created our zoo in a magnificent green area of 12.5 acres!

In a magnificent green area between Planiteros and Kleitoria N. Achaia and on an area of 12.5 acres, Me, Chondrogiannis Ioannis, and my partner Foteini Vlachou created a zoo.

Our love for animals and children gave us the strength to realize a space drowned in hundreds of decorative and fruit trees, and enriched with all the animals that one can meet in a Greek farmhouse and many of the world’s fauna.

It is important to say that we rely exclusively on renewable energy sources! In this area with the smell of dozens of hollyhocks near the pond, you will enjoy your drink, while your children will have fun in completely safe environment on our wonderful giant floor games.

Enjoy the smell of hollyhocks while your kids have fun!


Meet animals of the Greek farmhouse and world fauna!


Have a wonderful and carefree time playing our wonderful timeless games!