Electric car, expensive in impressions but in the end FREE.
The purely electric car is nice, but too expensive, you often hear people say. I personally bought the first electric car on the Greek market 8 years ago and I have to tell you that it came to me for free.
The payback took 4 years and then the sheer pleasure of a car that costs nothing to little. Indeed, the car cost 26,000 (the smart Mercedes) minus 6,000 money from Elpedison to put a very tasteful advertisement on us makes 20,000.We also sold our old car for 5,000 plus 5,000 that we set aside, leaving 10,000 for a loan that we easily repaid with the expenses we no longer had. That is, gas, garage that never goes, road tax. After 8 years, our buggy was about to have done up to
100,000 km. Always fresh like new it saved us at least 30,000 euros (30 minutes per km) and we resold it for 8,000. In short, it cost us 20,000, let’s say 25,000 euros because of the loan and it returned 38,000. Now it is even better that the state subsidizes electric cars with 8,000 euros.Cool with the calculations and you too will see how much the electric car benefits. As for the cost of electricity, it is about 2 euros per 100 km, let’s talk. And let’s not forget, of course, that with our electric car we stop polluting what takes care of us, mother nature.