Enjoy a wonderful landscape with Greek farm animals and from allover the world.


10:00 - 17:00
A few words about us


Many years ago, the municipal authority of Kleitoria Kalavryta in Achaia Prefecture, invited me in the month of March, to represent the Chondrogiannis family by laying a wreath on the hero in honor of my great-grandfather Yannis Chondrogiannis, fighter of the Greek revolution. I liked the place so much that I promised myself that I would end the last part of my life there. A lot has happened since then, but my promise has never faded. Indeed, 7 years ago my partner and I bought a wonderful piece of land. Of course, we made sure that our energy needs were covered by renewable energy sources. Over time, one animal led to another. We also put up signs calling our farm a solar farm, visitable.It was a great pleasure for us to present to our fellow human beings a different natural way of life since even our electric vehicle is powered by RES. The enthusiasm of the people was such that with their encouraging words they put us in the process of creating a zoo with animals of the Greek farmhouse and world fauna. With your help, we will maintain it, give jobs to local residents and never stop improving it to the delight of all of us..

Why visit us?

Renewable sources of energy.

A zoo different from the others that relies exclusively on renewable energy sources.

We love nature

Love drives us

We are very happy to welcome you to our zoo where you and our little friends will come into contact with all the animals of the Greek farmhouse, many of the world’s fauna, all the fruit trees that thrive in a mountainous environment, but also with the application of all the alternative sources of energy that our garden benefits from to a degree of autonomy. So near us you will enjoy, not only your ouzo, your drink … in an amazing natural environment but you will have fun and be informed.
We are waiting for you



In our space our new friends with their parents will be able to spend a wonderful and carefree time playing our wonderful timeless games. The bonds of the family are strengthened and everyone together will find their childhood innocence again.

There are also cots for children and especially for babies and toddlers.
Children’s parties are also organized near the sheltered lovely pond, in the shade of the willows and walnut trees, with a wonderful sitting area for the parents of the children participating in the party.
In our canteen, where many huge umbrellas create the necessary shade, you will be able to enjoy your drink or beverage while always keeping in touch with your happy children.
We will also be happy to answer everything about renewable energies so that you have a first contact with RES with your future wishes in this regard.

The staff of the zoo will always be at your disposal to answer any question you may have about the site or with information about the surrounding area.

3 Big trills
Three giant trills. It was our nap during a boring lesson at school. Enjoyable and fast game.
A colorful lame that will drive our children crazy and will also awaken childhood memories.
We have the biggest and most beautiful chess in Greece. It is 64 times larger than the table.
Another super-giant game, our grumbler, will put your heart and soul into the game..
Little snake
The wonderful table snake that we all grew up with, it also grew to be a hundred times its normal size.
  • We undertake the hosting of children’s parties
  • Backgammon
  • Swings
  • Self service refreshment bar with various snacks
  • Greenhouse where children can visit and learn how the vegetables that reach our plate are grown
  • Possibility of collecting leaves and fruits for the creation of botanical gardens


  • Chess tournaments will also be organized near us with a huge space available for each chess club..
  • Concrete table tennis tables of Olympic size are also under construction, where every player, beginner or advanced, will be able to enjoy this wonderful game. Rackets and balls will be provided by the management.
  • In our super greenhouse, our little friends will soon be able to see the products of mother earth up close, knowing the wonders of nature in the production of our food.
  • In our large area, one can get to know all the fruit trees of Greece, with the exception of citrus, and our children can enrich their anthologies with leaves from our trees.

Of course, our plans for the future have no end and we will inform you frequently about their progress.

Where are we

Glastra 250 07 Kalabryta

Contact us

info@zookalavryta.gr +03 697 542 9635