When I was 19 there was no cell phone, no internet, no pc, no, no, no. I was a student in Brussels and I tell you the truth, I never understood what made me love so much everything that had to do with respect for nature and its protection. The only way I could learn things about it was the small and large libraries, usually lending, but they were so poor in required material. It was also the time when various scientists and organizations had started to ring the bell about the necessary measures that should be taken to protect the earth.So from then I started learning about electric cars and how the very first ones produced were electric. To learn about the photovoltaic panels which please were discovered in the 18th century … and, you understand, how I wondered how all this had been left aside and given so much importance in favor of fossil fuels. I studied everything I could about renewable energy sources and dreamed that one day both I and the whole society would move towards their implementation.So today and 45 years later, renewable energy sources supply my daily life with free energy that is sufficient for all the needs of our zoo, our home and even our electric car. And our society, willingly or not, is finally moving towards a clean energy future.