I often have conversations with well-meaning people about huge mountaintop wind farms. They grumble about their existence and complain that they harm the beauty of nature or even that they are afraid of the animals that graze, and the flying ones are killed by the propellers, etc.
From ancient Greek I remember one of the most beautiful and meaningful sayings. THE HANDSOME BEST.
Every coin has two sides, one positive and one negative. In any decision we study and carefully weigh both aspects in order to choose the most advantageous one. Our country and every country in order to transport and distribute electricity uses hundreds of thousands of concrete and wooden poles and thousands of huge high voltage pylons.We do not complain about their ugliness and any dangerousness. It is necessary, how will it be done, you will tell me, we must somehow distribute the electricity which is actually produced, for the most part, by factories that destroy nature by polluting it. However, we have a problem with wind farms. Let’s take a look at both sides of the coin. Wind turbines produce electricity without polluting. Let’s not forget the most basic problem of the planet, which is pollution. But they are ugly, you will tell me. And what is beautiful are the pillars, the columns, the cars that have destroyed the picturesque image of our province and kill thousands of people every year.
Okay, you will tell me, but cars offer a huge task in transporting people, products, etc. We call them ugly wind turbines, I call them dolls because thanks to them, photovoltaic and hydroelectric plants we will produce clean ecological electricity necessary for our factories, our cars and soon it will be worth undergrounding all kinds of electric power cables so that our nature to regain some of its former beauty. As for the wind turbines, they remind us of the mills of our childhood memories, giving them the necessary space for their development.